Auto Stamper: Timestamp Camera App Reviews

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Please add Ability to Stamp Existing Pics

Love the app. Would be PERFECT if it could stamp existing photos. The description doesn’t clearly state that it ONLY works for photos being taken currently and not on existing ones.

Not what I was hoping for.

I downloaded this, love being able to put a time stamp on photos.. Lost all of the original camera controls, picture quality much worse! Loading pictures very extremely slow, even trying to bring up just one picture. Purchased this just a couple days ago, sure hope I can get a refund...

Flawless app

I usually use this app to add GPS and date/time stamps to my pics. The auto stamper app is great for that. Works flawlessly

Useful and simple interface

Very veru helpful app to capture significant moments of life. The interface is clea and user-friendly. Worth buying.

Only works on pictures taken through their app

Unfortunately, I always access my phones camera via the control center so that I dont have to unlock my phone every time. This app thus needs works to be able to stamp pictures that were already in our photo library...

Simpe and useful tool

This app is a great way to put a signature, date and time stamps or gps onto a photo. works well on my phone, no bugs.

Works great for me

The app helps me to place a time on my document photos. Such a simple yet powerful tool

Useful app for journalist and creative people

As a journalist, I like to make documentary pictures, and this app helps to add all the information in one step. All the options work properly and there is no ad.

Useful app for me

This app is a real godsend for me, I used it to create an album of my 1 year son trying to capture the most important events in his life, of course the date and time of these events has a crucial role for this album and this app adds all this information in one step.

Convenient and fast

The app allows to stamp the tim on photos. Its important to me I want to arrange childrens album.

Good convenient app

It`s a very interesting app. This is what I was looking for a long time. I used it to create an album of my student life trying to capture the most important events. The date and time of events has a big role for this album and this app adds all this information in one step.


This is my favorite and most used app for making photos more fancy and cool. Its easy to use, has an awesome variety of fonts and tools. I have never encountered a problem.


Make your life brighter and easier by stamping the most remarkable moments. You dont need to keep everything in your memory, just choose a stamp (date and time, signature stamp or GPS stamp) and apply it to your photo. So that when looking through the gallery you will not forget "who, where and when".

Exactly what I was looking for

And I was looking for a great user-friendly application so that I would not suffer any more fuss with my photos. And that in this application there was a convenient and beautiful interface.

GPS was waaaaaaay off

I needed an app to date stamp and GPS stamp my photos. First, it wouldnt work with existing photos, and then when the GPS stamp was on, it had me on the other side of the world. Save your $1.99. It doesnt do what it advertises correctly at all


Is there NO tutorial for this App? A waste of my time & money :(

Funny and useful

I downloaded this app because I wanted to create something like a family photo album with my newborn son. And I am very satisfied with the app. Its not only stamping dates but also shows where a photo has been done, which is very funny and useful at the same time

Great job

The best app Ive tried to stamp date, time and GPS to the photos. Easy to use and has many features. Worthy purchasing

My own family photo album

I love this app with all my heart! It replaces old fashioned albums and make my memories brighter and funnier. I didnt regret I bought it cause its worst it! Well designed thing, by the way. Now I dont worry about forgetting important life events.


Happy to find this app as it works flawlessly on my iPhone 6. Allows different fonts and colors, also different date styles. 5 stars

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